Weezer Reissue Pinkerton, Ready New Album and Get Their Own 8-Bit Tribute

Weezer Reissue <i>Pinkerton</i>, Ready New Album and Get Their Own 8-Bit Tribute
Refusing to ever let up, Rivers Cuomo and his Weezer cronies are continuing to churn out material from their band. So it's no surprise that the group currently have a huge number of projects on the go.

Most excitingly, the band are planning a reissue of Pinkerton, their cult classic sophomore record and arguably greatest achievement. In terms of a release date or a rundown of the actual content, there is nothing, but the Weezer site does list Pinkerton: The Deluxe Edition as an upcoming plan.

Perhaps just as exciting for fans of the post-Matt Sharp Weezer, the band have stated that they're nearly finished on their seventh LP. While the title and release date are completely TBA, fans can expect a lead single and music video (likely with a quirky concept) sometime soon.

Finally, Weezer have also been the latest to get the 8-bit treatment. And yes, this trend is a little played out by now, but who's complaining? Available for free here from online label Pterodactyl Sound, the record contains 14 Weezer covers that are pretty much guaranteed to bring a grin to your face.

For a full and rather overwhelming list of Weezer plans, consult their page here.