The Weeknd "The Hills" remix (ft. Eminem) (virtual reality video)

The Weeknd 'The Hills' remix (ft. Eminem) (virtual reality video)
If you're feeling like your reality would be a lot better if it was served virtually, you're in luck, as the Weeknd has given his Eminem-equipped "The Hills" remix its very own "virtual reality video."

How so, you ask? Well, the video for this Beauty Behind the Madness remix comes via esteemed music video director Nabil, who's made it all possible with the help of GoPro and United Realities. As you'll see below, you can adjust the video's camera to look at whatever strikes your fancy in any direction.

For some proof, check it out below.

If you're more into seeing the Weeknd in a less virtual reality, though, have a look at his tour schedule here.