The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Smashing Pumpkins, 'Silent Hill Revelation: 3D,' Kendrick Lamar

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Smashing Pumpkins, 'Silent Hill Revelation: 3D,' Kendrick Lamar
Photo: Fil Zuzarte
Every week, Exclaim! readers have plenty to say, voicing their opinion across the website. Here are some of the highlights of what commenters discussed recently.

First off, we reviewed the Smashing Pumpkins' recent concert Toronto's Air Canada Centre, leading to a pile of online comments mostly concerning whether it was a good thing for the band to rely on their new material so heavily.

JH said, "If you want to hear the 'oldies' then stay home and listen to them in your bedroom with headphones. I would never expect a band (even as seasoned as the Smashing Pumpkins) to play the hits night after night…. especially since they released Oceania. Music has to evolve." Iceman_424242 concurred, writing, "Agreed. Bands released new music to be heard, not pushed aside. The new album is fantastic!"

More reactions to the fans included MikeBreese who said, "Only problem I had with this concert was the crowd was incredibly lame, The Smashing Pumpkins were putting on a great show, but the crowd reacted the way one would expect at a PGA tour or a Wimbelton tennis match." Commenter Uhh also stated, "Smashing Pumpkins along with any band I love could stand on stage and play whatever the fuck they wanted and I would enjoy it. No use getting stuck in Nostalgia — as awesome as it is to hear those old songs — people need to get over it. It's borderline retarded behaviour, if you ask me. People seem so eager to disregard this band now. It's just a trend. It's hell of a lot less difficult to bash something than it is to embrace it or even defend it. Amazing show either way. I was on the floor fists in the air the entire time."

Conversely, Kendrick Lamar's latest release good kid, m.A.A.d. city received the highest rating on Exclaim! with a 10/10 score, and not everybody agreed. Commenter kimmy said, "10/10… what a joke? This is flawless? Your numbers mean nothing to me Exclaim! get your shits together." However, there were people who agreed with the rating, including jarvus, who wrote, "A solid album in every way. Yes it is." And GPA said, "Agreed. Best hip hop release since 1995."

In film reviews, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D got one of the rating system's lowest scores with a mere 2. Sr. Tom said, "XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I loved the Freddie vs Jason-esque showdown towards the end lol. It was such a monster pus let down. Not once does the audience have to think for themselves and yea, the prestigious Moss and McDowell reduced to shoddy plot points that are developed superficially. What more can be said? It looked ok lol, but was so full of garbage and 3-D moments that if you saw in 2-D like me were just SILLY. Gotta love gratuitous nudity XD what a let down haha, still at least I laughed a lot *shrug* I'll always have the original movie. And the 'bosses' of the movie might as well have had signs saying 'defeat me by pressing HERE' buttons LOL." Randal agreed, writing, "I just saw this film, and this review summarized it perfectly."

Lastly, Born Ruffians frontman Luke Lalonde's album stream for Rhythymnals had a bunch of positive feedback. Commenter Jason said, "so awesome. this could get big." Chris L. said, "80s in and I know I'm in for something amazing. Luke's the best." Gundy commented, "definitely investing in the album once it's released," and Diana said, "Luke you're about to blow up. This is genius."

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