The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Propagandhi's Timeline, Feist's Polaris Win and the Melvins vs. Green Day

BY Jade DolanPublished Oct 3, 2012

As usual, we here at Exclaim! have been paying attention to what you guys are saying online. So here's just a small glimpse of what you were talking about recently on

First up, Exclaim! readers engaged in a comment battle over the Melvins calling out Green Day, specifically Billie Joe Armstrong, for being a "little weasel" who is comparable to Justin Bieber. Following Billie Joe's onstage meltdown at the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas and his recent check-in to rehab, the Melvins Lite bassist Trevor Dunn published a post bashing the Green Day singer, saying, "There's nothing worse then some rock'n'roll brat throwing a tantrum and going AWOL just because he can't keep himself occupied."

Dunn's comments stirred up a great deal of debate. One Green Day supporter responded by saying, "Who gives a fuck? Sounds like an ass to me. Let's hope substance abuse doesn't pull their band apart," while other Green Day lovers, including Melvinwho?, repeatedly asked "who the hell are the Melvins?"

Despite all the rebuttal, it appears that the Melvins have a great deal of supporters backing them up. Commenter Snivlem said, "Trevor Dunn is a genuine musician who makes challenging, adventurous music, whereas Billie Joe is a 'star' who recycles the same proven formula over and over." Another supporter of the band under the name Megabeef 2000 said, "The Melvins perform music that is true to themselves with highly creative song structures, balls to the wall rocking riffs and weird ass lyrics and song titles." Commenter Tuxedo added that "Green Day is pop music, nothing more. It's the same crap. If Green Day wasn't wearing eye liner, dying their hair and actually playing real punk music, they'd have a case."

In other news, Exclaim! writer Greg Pratt worked extensively to create the ultimate Propagandhi Timeline for the October issue of Exclaim!, and readers were extremely grateful. The article covers the progression of the band's career, starting from their formation in 1986 in Portage la Prairie, MB, all the way to their 2012 album Failed States.

@thrashinrage said, "This article was so fascinating and gripping. Propagandhi are my all time favourite band and have totally radicalized and inspired me with their values." Commenter Ed said, "The world is a better place for Propagandhi existing in it — no doubt!" Jason, meanwhile, seemed to be truly touched by the accomplishments of Propaghandi, calling their music "so unique for punk or metal, and lyrically unmatched in its poetry, wit, content, or message," and saying the music "penetrates [his] bones; makes [him] feel, makes [him] grin with pleasure and astonishment." He concludes his comment by saying, "Propagandhi has done something that is very rarely accomplished musically, and they do it over and over. They should be proud."

Finally, the 2012 Polaris Music Prize was awarded to Feist last week for her album Metals, and as always, not everyone is pleased with the winner. Dee felt that the win "should have been Japandroids," while bigfanguy thought it "should have been Kathleen Edwards's Voyageur." Commenter Kim had an interesting insight on the Polaris Music Prize, stating that "the real losers here are all the jurors, who wasted an entire year having 'intellectual debates' about nominees, only to have something as safe and boring as fucking Feist come out on top… Remember when Polaris was 'cutting edge' and 'ahead of the curve,' well now it's basically become the Junos 2.0 for the Adult Alternative Album of the Year." Feist did have one fan proud of her win, O.P.Polaris challenged Kim's comment, writing, "Kim — have you listened to Feist's album? You're way off target."

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