The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Grimes, Norah Jones, Lana Del Rey

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Grimes, Norah Jones, Lana Del Rey
This week Exclaim! has again collected the best online responses to our music news in our Reader Feedback Roundup. Here's just a small glimpse of what you were talking about recently.

Late last week, Grimes announced her new jewelry line Existenz and revealed the risqué Grimes Pussy Rings. We then asked readers over on Facebook if they would ever buy or wear a ring shaped like a vagina. The Owner-Operater at Weewerk Recordings quipped, "currently wearing 4 pussy rings on one hand!" But not all readers were so quick to see the humour in the outlandish item. Underneath the original article on the Exclaim! website, a commenter named "not impressed" asked skeptically, "Let me guess -- $100 for what looks like a neon slug?"

Meanwhile, we ran an interview with Norah Jones on Friday (April 17) about her upcoming collaboration with Danger Mouse and again took to Facebook to find out readers' opinions. We asked whether Jones would gain new fans or alienate old ones with her slightly edgier new image and sound, and received two opposing views. "A good collaboration always expands the art form and gains new fans," responded Facebook user Akash S. On the other hand, Cameron B said, "I think she will alienate more of her adult contemporary easy listening fans." Either way, our readers seemed excited for the new album.

Whenever Lana Del Rey is in the news, it's sure to be a popular story. She brings out those who love her -- and those who don't. In response to @exclaimnews tweeting the Smims&Belle remix of "Blue Jeans," which features Azealia Banks, Twitter user @littlemissrisk said, "If I listen to an extended remix of any Lana Del Rey, I may produce more earwax to block the sound.#naturaldefense."

Finally, we recently posted a story announcing Skrillex's Canadian summer tour dates. In what has to be the most articulate and succinct comment of the week, Exclaim! contributor Philip James de Vries responded, "fuck."

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