The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Death from Above 1979, No Doubt, Cat Power and Suicide Silence

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Death from Above 1979, No Doubt, Cat Power and Suicide Silence
Commenters had plenty to say this week on the Exclaim! website. Here are a few of the highlights of what they recently discussed.

First off, Death From Above 1979 urged fans not to film their live shows. There were plenty of comments like "Welcome to the internet, douchebag," and "Welcome to the world! This is 2012." Others elaborated, such as commenter Jacob Crim with, "Being in 2012 has nothing to do with it. Jack White will throw your ass out of a show if he sees you recording him. You paid to see the artist, are peoples memories so bad that they need to record the show. Or are they just excited to get 100 views on Youtube?"

Commenter dc argued, "Why would he ask people to not do something for fear of ruining the atmosphere then say that the atmosphere is something that cannot be captured? Then he confuses the matter more by saying people can bring their devices but don't use them, there will be no enforcement on the issue and try not to get into it with other audience members over the subject. Well if that doesn't set up the next show for an unwanted audience argument, I don't know what does. Either do not allow fans to take pictures/video (lame) or allow fans to do what they will do anyway (even at the expense of being tossed out). Maybe he is going to join Prince in an anti internet revolution. Or maybe he should just hire Axl Rose to be onstage enforcer for anyone attempting to record audio/video."

Meanwhile, No Doubt pulled their video "Looking Hot" from YouTube due to accusations of racism. Commenter Pochantas asked, "I don't get it! What's offensive about dressing up like an indian?"

Anne gave some insight with, "The term indian is now considered like a misuse and you must know that dressing up as Native Americans in a video from a well-known band do have some negative impacts to promulgate stereotypes which could lead into discrimination against this group of people."

In other news, Suicide Silence's Mitch Lucker was killed in a motorcycle crash. Fans were deeply saddened. "I can't even take this in…" said CaptainKitty. YouOnlyLiveOnce added, "I can't even… This is awful. This breaks my heart." Commenter chloe showed her disappointment with, "He made such a difference in my life… he got me through hard times… I can't believe he's gone… I know he's in heaven and all but I didn't want him to go… he was my idol.. it hurts to see what we have lost… we never pay attention to the people in our lives and we don't know what we have til it's gone… I love this guy and will miss him so much… you only live once so just go fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!! We will miss you Mitch…."

In concerts, Cat Power's recent Vancouver show was met with mixed reviews. While our reviewer wasn't impressed, ChrissyM disagreed, saying, "The Cat Power show was the best I have ever seen! Amazing! I don't think we were at the same show. Comments you made were your opinion and yours alone. What I experienced was a very intimate and beautiful performance and I was left wanting more!"

Uncatisfied countered with, "ChrissyM you're nuts. I've been a huge cat power fan for a long time… this concert was just a display of her falling apart, adapting a new persona and overall covering up a talented real girl. Granted she had a tough streak… but the album was just a reflection of this. Her previous albums and performances had much more meaning to them, heart breaking vocals that made you feel. All this concert did was confuse me with the props and blind me with the highly unnecessary 'flashing' lights."

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