The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Damian Abraham and Katy Perry, Library Voices, Eamon McGrath

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Damian Abraham and Katy Perry, Library Voices, Eamon McGrath
This week we have once again collected some of the internet's finest commentary on Exclaim! stories from the last little while. You had your say when it came to new music videos this week and certainly chimed in when Damian Abraham took on one of the world's biggest pop starlets. Read on to find out what caused the most online discussion this week.

First up, Fucked Up frontman and TV personality Damian Abraham criticized Katy Perry's latest war-themed video for "Part of Me." He tweeted: "Seeing Katy Perry as a soldier in 'Part Of Me' really makes me think that we need to start a war so she can go die."

The scathing responses from Perry fans are well documented over here, but Exclaim! readers pitched in their thoughts too.

One anonymous poster claimed that the situation was "Ironic since Damian's becoming as overexposed and irritating as Katy Perry is." Our research shows that this may be slightly inaccurate when comparing Abraham's 14,000 Twitter followers to Perry's 17 million, but to each his own.

Another poster by the name of goozer was a bit torn, saying: "I think I like this Abraham chap but his rant might just draw people to check out that insipid Perry creature." Most recently, jteezy proved that we was no Katy Kat (yes, that's really what her fans call themselves) when he commented: "I wonder how much the us marines paid her for the video? not surprising that she did it though, she was raised fundamentalist and, having written such mind-blowingly closed-minded songs such as 'I kissed a girl' and 'you're so gay.' questioning the nature of traditional american values doesn't seem to be her forte. she is such an idiot."

On a brighter note, Library Voices shared Exclaim!'s story about their new video for "If Raymond Carver Were Born in the '90s" on their Facebook page and generated some more positive buzz. The video features footage from the '80s flick Rad starring Lori Loughlin, and Facebook user Michael Huber proclaimed, "I love Becky from Full House." Referring to the same clip, Lakeland Taylor Dyer commented: "RAD!!! Favourite movie as a kid!!"

Elsewhere, Eamon McGrath's new album Young Canadians was streaming at this week and lots of people were listening. Jeff posted in the comment section: "I hope Polaris judges are paying attention!" while Calgary stated: "This will be the best album of 2012...I can tell already."

Finally, we highlighted the explosive discussion about AIDS Wolf disbanding in last week's roundup and the battle is raging on, so check that out over here.

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