Weaves Le Cercle, Quebec City QC, July 11

Weaves Le Cercle, Quebec City QC, July 11
Photo: Shane Parent
As Milli Vanilli once sang, "blame it on the rain." After unexpected torrential downpours washed out the night's biggest show, Foo Fighters at the Plains of Abraham, it seemed like the rest of the night was an official write-off for the majority of Festival d'été's concertgoers. So when rising Toronto rock outfit Weaves went on stage a little after 11:30 p.m. at Le Cercle, it wasn't too surprising to find that little more than a third of the venue was full.
Making the best of a bad situation, the band performed like they were destined for main stage status. One year removed from the release of their self-titled EP, the songs sounded as fresh as ever in the sweat-filled confines of Le Cercle, with guitarist Morgan Waters intertwining his idiosyncratic and angular guitar lines amidst singer Jasmyn Burke's powerful and at times childlike vocals.
On occasion it felt like the whole thing was about to collapse underneath the weight of the city's sweltering humidity, but the band trekked on, grounded out by their rhythm section's steady but loose grooves. Stomped-in snare drums, locals randomly throwing devil horns in the air: this was a weird and chaotic one, but the perfect antidote for a city sickened by a storm. If only more of them were there.