We Stain Porcelain / Various The First Flush Compilation

The years-long delay behind much of We Stain Porcelain’s First Flush Compilation has been made bearable by the mostly outstanding quality of the end product. Featuring a veritable who’s who of Canadian East and West coast indie rap, the trio of James Orr, the Soufriere and the Attourney impress with the crunchiness of their beats, their (often) bang-on MC pairings, and potty humour that, in the end, really isn’t so bad. The standout tracks are numerous, with "Artificial Intelligence” leading the bunch with raw Tachichi raps. The playful cadence of "Malicious Remarks,” featuring Microphone Jones, follows; the Pocketdwellers’ N.I.Gel complements WSP’s haunting, melodic loops perfectly on "Where I Am,” Kunga 219's poetic growl is powerful on the bluesy howl of "The Other Half,” and anything graced by Fredericton DJ Stv’s thumbprint is golden. Repeat listen? Yes, please. (Camobear)