Salem We Make It Good Mix Series Volume 11

Salem <i>We Make It Good Mix Series Volume 11</i>
TRACK OF THE DAY: Salem have been quietly scaring the crap out of us over the last 18 months, releasing a smattering of material spread across four separate seven-inches. Now, they've added another pair of tracks to their growing oeuvre, as part of their contribution to We Make it Good's mix series.

Unsurprisingly, the mysterious trio have manipulated their divergent subjects ― including Twista, the Beach Boys and oOoOoo ― to unheard of depths, leaving these 11 mixes (plus three of their own) dripping in the group's trademark warped creepiness. With no word on a full-length, this is currently the closest thing we're going to get.

Download We Make It Good Mix Series Volume 11 by Salem here.