We Are Scientists With Love and Squalor

We Are Scientists are a phenomenal three-piece out of New York delivering more of that danceable ’80s-esque sound. An engaging and unfailing listen, With Love and Squalor spins out 12 tracks that sound like they’re never going to quit. And while this is a style that seems like it should be retired by now, We Are Scientists are somehow pulling it off. Blasting through the album’s first single, "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt,” and the ironically titled "This Scene Is Dead,” this trio quash any possibility that this record is going to become in the least bit boring. This album will sit well with indie and art rockers, fans of dance punk, and the `80s obsessed. Through "Lousy Reputation” and "The Great Escape,” We Are Scientists are likely to cause a reaction due to the non-stop catchy hooks and slick arrangements. Punchy and urgent, With Love and Squalor is a highly enticing full-length debut. (EMI)