Wayne Omaha/Co-Operators Doubleride

A light lunch provided by a couple of Toronto-area bands serves up a little noodle and some solid rock dishes that leave you a little peckish. Wayne Omaha get things started with "Driver," which seems a little subdued from a band that likes everything over-the-top. "Tagish" and "Factor Money Rag" are two throw-aways from Wayne-O, which make "Out of Lies" and "Paddle to the Sea" the only other real songs - not enough from these excellent psychedelic explorers. The Co-Operators, lead by Sara Montgomery (Venus Cures All), offer up four more traditional, sparse and straight-ahead rock songs that reveal a lovely Neil Young vibe. While most split EPs either sound alike, or feature only one interesting band, Doubleride is a satisfying teaser from a couple of bands who will hopefully soon lay down an effort all their own. (Independent)