Wax Mannequin, Jenny Omnichord and Friends Give Birth to Label Fantastic!

Wax Mannequin, Jenny Omnichord and Friends Give Birth to Label Fantastic!
Now that the Internet has made distribution and promotion accessible to anyone, right now is a great time to break into the music industry - so long as you don't care about making money.

Luckily, that seems to be the case for Ontario songwriters Chris Adeney (aka Wax Mannequin), Jenny Mitchell (aka Jenny Omnichord) and Mathias Kom, who have have teamed up with visual artist Gillian Manford to start Label Fantastic!, a new boutique label and distribution company.

This isn't the first time these musicians have collaborated; Mitchell and Kom play together in the Burning Hell, while Adeney contributed to Mitchell's 2008 children's album Charlotte or Otis: Duets for Children, Their Parents and Other People Too.

According to a press release, "Label Fantastic! is about supporting great independent musicians, but it is also more: a creative and hands-on approach to marketing means that every Label Fantastic! release will be unique, with everything from handmade packaging to pieces of art included in each CD or vinyl record. In their in-house distribution, Label Fantastic! has forged personal and direct relationships with only the best independent record stores and digital distributors across Canada."

Naturally, the label will be releasing music by its founders, including the Jenny Omnichord's new album (which is also a board game) and a split seven-inch by Wax Mannequin and the Burning Hell. Also look for new full-lengths by J.J. Ipsen and Spring Breakup, due out sometime this summer.