Wavves Shed Light on New LP, Set March Release Date

Wavves Shed Light on New LP, Set March Release Date
Wavves recently rolled out a new single with "Sail to the Sun," and now band leader Nathan Williams has let us know when their new album will arrive. Although the full details have yet to be set in stone, the LP is tentatively due to drop on March 26 through Mom + Pop.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Williams said that the new album will feature stylistic diversions into hip-hop, and also includes stripped-down acoustic numbers assisted by glockenspiel and cello.

"Every time that we record something I want it to sound different than previous efforts," Williams said. "It's definitely a different pace than anything we've ever put out before."

That said, the collection also apparently includes some of Wavves' patented pop-punk scorchers.

The album features 13 songs in all, which were recorded with producer John Hill (M.I.A., Kings of Leon, Santigold) over a year in Los Angeles. The reason for the long gestation period, Williams said, was that they didn't sign to Mom + Pop until recently.

"We got to stick it out and work until we thought the record was done," Williams noted. "I feel like if we had a label involved [during recording] they would have cut us off so much earlier."

In an update on Instagram, Williams posted an image claiming that it was the new album cover. The image is a direct rip-off of the artwork for Korn's 1999 album Issues, and the title is listed as Krazy Sexy Cool. We're guessing that the image is just a joke, but it's possible that the album actually will be called Krazy Sexy Cool — for what it's worth, that's the title listed on Wikipedia.

The new album will be Wavves' fourth full-length. It follows the 2011 EP Life Sux. Watch the video for "Sail to the Sun" below.

In other news, Williams is planning new music with his beat-oriented project Sweet Valley. The duo will apparently record with Killer Mike next year.