Wavves Branches Out into Comics with Negative Dad

Wavves Branches Out into Comics with <i>Negative Dad</i>
Following a couple lo-fi garage pop records and a side gig selling weed paraphernalia, Wavves main man Nathan Williams has decided to branch out a bit more with his latest venture: he's created a comic book.

A series of posts on Williams's Twitter confirms that he has started work on a title called Negative Dad, which centres on "a group of mutant teenagers." Williams and friend Matt Barajas are co-writing the series, with illustrations provided by Nicholas Gazin. Some early sketches reveal some anthropomorphic cats in lettermen jackets and Wavves hats, skids in bullet belts and, maybe, a talking cloud of weed smoke?

"Negative Dad is like an extra retarded X-Men. There's heshers, evil parents, cat people, juvenile delinquents with partially functioning mutant powers, aliens, dreams," Gazin told Pitchfork. "This is going to be our gift (although it will cost money) to people who enjoy pot. Put the tape on, put in a beanbag chair in a space small enough to get clambaked and just read the comic and stare at the pictures and chuckle at the pictures while your friend plays Nintendo and eats all your Pirate Booty or something."

While it's unclear when they will start pressing Negative Dad, we do know that the stoney series will run for 12 issues.