Wavves "Heavy Metal Detox"

Wavves 'Heavy Metal Detox'
Deceptively hard-working slacker-punk songwriter Nathan Williams has a new Wavves album called V due out on October 2 through Ghost Ramp/Warner Bros., and he just rolled out the LP cut "Heavy Metal Detox."

The song is classic Wavves with its chipper pop-punk surge, psychedelic lead guitar tones and confrontation lyrics about laziness. Williams sneers, "I'm not doing anything today / I don't care what you say / I'm not going out / I'm staying home." The chorus lyric is "We're not alone," a sentiment that sounds paranoid rather than comforting.

Hear the song below.

"Heavy Metal Detox" is the opening track on V. Its arrival follows the other new cuts "Way Too Much" and "Flamezesz."