Watch Said the Whale Create Their "UnAmerican" Video by Hand Using 2,250 Pieces of Paper

Watch Said the Whale Create Their 'UnAmerican' Video by Hand Using 2,250 Pieces of Paper
Said the Whale recently treated us to their new single "UnAmerican" from their upcoming Arts & Crafts debut, and now the Vancouver band have treated that track to its own video.

Explaining the novel approach to the "UnAmerican" video, a press release states: "No visual effects or green-screens were used, rather, the video was created by hand using 2,250 pieces of paper, each printed with a frame of a previously filmed performance video. Each piece of paper was then photographed frame-by-frame by an incredible production team."

The video was assembled over the course of four days in Vancouver by director Johnny Jansen in association with Foreshadow Films and Amazing Factory.

"My intention for this video was to move outside my comfort zone," said Jansen in a statement. "Normally my videos rely heavily on motion graphics or animation and involve a lot of post-production. But in this case, all the work was done in pre-production. In order to for it to work we needed to plan out every frame and develop a system so we wouldn't get lost in the stack of over 2,250 prints. The goal was to create a video without any visual effects, one that would be delivered almost immediately after the final frame was exposed." 

Watch the "UnAmerican" video for yourself below.

So far, there is still no word on the release date of Said the Whale's upcoming Arts & Crafts debut, which will mark the band's follow-up to 2017's As Long as Your Eyes Are Wide. However, it is slated for a release in early 2019.