Warpaint "Biggy" (Baardsen remix)

Warpaint 'Biggy' (Baardsen remix)
Warpaint's self-titled sophomore set has only officially been out for a week, but if you're already looking to hear a twist on the album's "Biggy," a glossy new remix of the post-punk cut has just been delivered by Baardsen.

Overall, the structure of the song remains pretty well the same, with Emily Kokal's cloudy coos still drifting atop a wriggly synth line. The backbeat gets punched up for the dancefloor, though, with extra hi-hat clicks and a thick, early 2000s pop-styled snare clap supporting other additional touches, from speaker-bouncing electronic flourishes to star-shimmering keyboard lines.

You can hear the dialled-up yet still dreamy arrangement for the cut down below.