Walls of Jericho All Hail the Dead

It seems Detroit loves to spit out pollution, whether it be automotive or musical (remember the Striped facade of ’03?). The title track initially breathes hope into a decent listen, until the vocalist starts screaming the title, "All Hail the Dead,” incessantly. The next 11 songs are virtually identical, with the exception coming only with the instrumental track at the end. The album is speedy and saturated with breakdowns. It’s exactly what both previous albums accomplished and less. They’re definitely a high-energy band but essentially they’re to hardcore what Whitesnake was to metal. The lyrics are comprised of severed journal pages in the same vein as No Doubt, but they’re writing fuck-offs while Gwen sticks to make-outs. The sound is very crisp, especially during the astonishingly numerous breakdowns. Most of the time the singing underneath is completely off key and does nothing but make one want to curse the band back into retirement. Slayer didn’t intend for this to happen. Jericho produced this album themselves and considering the reviews this album has already received, Trustkill won’t be allowing that to happen again. Luckily their live performances miraculously pay off and they’ll be bussing across the country with Hatebreed in a matter seconds. (Trustkill)