Waking Eyes Waking Eyes

The Waking Eyes represent the problem with the mainstream co-opting indie music’s sound. Now that groups including the Hives and the Strokes have successfully perverted the ethics (and production values) inherent in independent rock, we get to be inundated with groups that are blanching a bunch of already pale imitations. The Waking Eyes’ debut sounds overly slick and pre-packaged. Each of the 11 tracks have the measured amounts of requisite elements to be successful in the current industry climate, but sound too smoothed out and competently done to be the real thing. There is no nervous energy or stray sparks of chaos that normally would accompany songs like the first single "Watch Your Money” or "Get Up Easy.” The entire record sounds like painting by numbers and running through the motions. A simple comparison to this form of laissez-faire musicianship would be an indie revivalist bar band and the Waking Eyes are capable of so much more. They knew a successful formula when they saw it and decided to play what they knew people would like. All the faux ennui and snotty delivery in the world can’t cover the calculated nature of The Waking Eyes. The Waking Eyes are chillingly forerunners of the revenge of the soulless bar bands. Who will play Motley Crüe this time around? (Warner)