Vita Ena

Deep house has met click-glitchno to create a beautiful and well-balanced offspring. Vita is the alter ego of Mikael Stavostrand, and Ena is the follow-up release to the excellent ambient Reduce. Ena focuses on the compositional possibilities of working with the seemingly exhausted realm of 4/4 rhythms, utilising clicks, glitches and house music keyboard sweeps. Somehow Stavostrand has managed to engage some fresh ideas, as all these tracks are gems that any tech-house DJ should love to have worked into a set. Among the more glaringly awesome tracks are "Amin," with its geeky robotic noises accompanying an aggressive rhythm followed by keyboard accents, and the unbelievable "Milllk," which brings a surprising amount of funk and soul to the glitch and tech-house medium. Ena is definitely an accomplished glitch-clickno/house album that has evolved the overall genre, thanks to truly visionary production by this superb artist. (Force Inc.)