Vile Richard Lucky Me

Vile Richard are one of those bands who intend to get noticed by good, honest hard work. They’ve been part of the Southern Ontario independent music scene for some time, appearing on a couple of compilations and putting together a now sold-out demo CD that helped to win them some fans. They’ve also taken on a rigorous touring schedule that has seen them move east and tour throughout Atlantic Canada. Lucky Me benefits from a supporting cast that helps to make the band sound like more than just a duo. Members of the Killjoys, the Otter Creek Band and Nathan’s Flat all lend their skills, and there’s no denying that there is strength in numbers. The songs from their original demo CD Amuse-O-Matic have been rerecorded and given a shiny coat of new paint that makes the band sound a whole lot more polished. But most of Lucky Me just drifts past without making much of an impression at all. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Vile Richard, but there’s nothing really right with them either. Only the title track and "Lazy Eye” have any real personality of their own, and the rest of the songs can be best described as pleasant and not much else. (Independent)