A Victim of Society "Enough Said" (video)

A Victim of Society 'Enough Said' (video)
Grecian garage rock crew A Victim of Society provide all sorts of choice cuts on their debut LP Distractions, but it's the razor-sharp "Enough Said" that gets repped for a new, nocturnal video clip.

Directed by Stathis Mourdoukoutas, the video finds a sword-swinging hunk all stressed out after an apparent hit, highlighted with the silhouette of head a tumbling off of a torso. The gruesome event apparently doesn't sit too well with the guy, who spends the rest of the video stressing out in his apartment, with a motorcycle-loving avenging angel paying a visit late in the video.

Pairing nicely with A Victim of Society's fuzz-laced, tension-building arrangement, the noire-styled video can be seen down below.

Distractions, meanwhile, is available now via Inner Ear Records.