The Verge XM52 Music Awards Puts Up $50,000 For Canadian Artists

The Verge XM52 Music Awards Puts Up $50,000 For Canadian Artists
Canada’s premier satellite radio station for home-grown artists across the nation, The Verge XM52, is putting up $50,000 for its listener and jury selected Canadian Album and Artist Of The Year awards. The cash will be split between the two awards and eligible artists are those among the 150 artists played in regular rotation on the Verge, or one of 73 of those artists who released an album between June 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008. Online voting began on July 17th and will end on September 1st, with the winners to be announced live-to-air on September 24th.

  The Best Verge Artist nominees range from excessively well known industry giants like Feist, Alexisonfire, the Tragically Hip, Arcade Fire, Bedouin Soundclash and Billy Talent to notable scene mainstays like Apostle of Hustle, Black Mountain, Julie Doiron, Cuff the Duke, Constantines, Chad VanGaalen and Elliot Brood to fresh young acts including Attack in Black, Forest City Lovers, dd/mm/yyyy, Hot Springs, Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians.

A similar mix populates the Best Verge Album nominee list, with Caribou’s Andorra contending with Islands’ Arm's Way, Wolf Parade’s At Mount Zoomer, the Acorn’s Glory Hope Mountain, Matthew Good’s Hospital Music, the Sadies’ New Seasons, Kevin Drew’s Spirit If... and Spiral Beach’s Ball, among a wealth of others.

Those exuberant young Torontonian purveyors of psychedelic new wave, Spiral Beach, have a plan for what they’d do with the money should voters deem them top of the Canadian satellite music food chain this year.

"If we win in one category we’ll get $25,000, or $50,000 for both! With that kind of money we could record a new album AND Airick could buy new socks!” reads a post on the band's website.

Nobel enough designs for a young band on the move but the decision of whether the cash will help Airick Woodhead warm his feet and Spiral Beach pump out some new music or if it’ll end up in Alexisonfire’s tattoo fund is up to the voters and the Verge jury, who reserve the right to decide whatever they want when all is said and done anyway, just so you know. Now apply some pressure and click here to cast your vote!

Alexisonfire "This Could Be Anywhere in the World"