Vera Cruise Come Alone And Fall Apart Apart

Glasgow's guitar band heritage makes most people think that every band from there should sound like Teenage Fanclub or the Pastels. And for the longest time that was usually the case, although originality has finally started to infiltrate that Scottish city with bands like Vera Cruise leading the charge. Having signed to UK alt-country peddlers Loose Music, Vera Cruise doesn't really seem to fit such a one-dimensional categorisation. Being able to bridge genres is one of the band's real strengths - they know when to hold back and use restraint - but when they do let loose the guitars start to growl in a very satisfying way. No wonder they've been dubbed "the Scottish Nirvana" by the infamous Everett True. Not that they follow that timeless quiet/loud template on every song, because that would just be a lazy way to write songs and Vera Cruise is better than that. It's all about control and knowing when to ignore that restraint, and it makes for an album where no two songs sound the same. Combine that with some of the best song titles around and Come Alone And Fall Apart Apart is one of the best debuts to come out of Scotland in quite some time. (Loose)