The Veils Nux Vomica

Nux Vormica might be the Veils’ second album but the only remaining member from their debut is Finn Andrews, son of Barry Andrews, who was in XTC in their early days before heading off to form Shriekback. And for that reason alone this is a very different record that has little in common with its predecessor. Instead, there are more polished pop songs that hint at the Divine Comedy, folky moments that suggest the Waterboys might have been an influence, while the more shambolic moments have a lot in common with sadly forgotten British act the Band of Holy Joy, or even the Bad Seeds. That last comparison is not entirely surprising, seeing as Andrews did return to his native New Zealand to recruit his newest batch of band members. But the most notable thing about Nux Vormica is that it doesn’t settle on one single style, instead going from the tortured wails of "Jesus For The Jugular” to the downbeat balladry of "One Night On Earth” and all points in-between, Nux Vormica might lack focus with its scattershot approach but its ambition makes it an unexpectedly satisfying listen. (Rough Trade)