The Vaselines "High Tide Low Tide"

The Vaselines 'High Tide Low Tide'
As previously reported, Glaswegian indie duo the Vaselines promised "short punk rock songs" on their upcoming V for Vaselines LP. While the newly previewed "High Tide Low Tide" may not be an anarchic anthem, the track does give up some distorted goods, albeit paired with the outfit's undeniable pop chops.

A romantic pop punk track set by the riverside, it has Eugene Kelly confused over whether he "wants to get wet" with someone's daughter. Kelly had previously noted about the record that he wants the tracks to "just get into people's ear really straight away, and then get out of there really quickly," and with this quickie's crunchy power chords and some calming backups from Frances McKee, it certainly does just that.

You can stream the song below, while V for Vaselines arrives in full September 29 in the UK and October 7 in North America through Rosary Music.