Various Yoshitoshi Montreal mixed by Sultan

This mix starts with Sultan’s song "No Why,” featuring Zara’s magnificent vocals. Sultan’s impressive mixing skills on Yoshitoshi Montreal lead into an array of fresh, bouncing, funky beats. This DJ/producer has played an important part in Montreal electronic music land, including establishing international relationships, like with DC-based duo Deep Dish, who run Yoshitishi, along with two other record labels. This, of course, led to the production of the Yoshitoshi Montreal record with Sultan behind the decks. The disc celebrates the Montreal scene and follows two other records in the series (Behrouz and Miss Nine’s Yoshitoshi Ibiza and Cedric Gervais’s Yoshitoshi Miami). Sultan crosses the line that exists between counter-culture and club music with grace — these tracks are upbeat, with an edge. A Bon Jovi remix is a great idea but becomes a little weird, shifting the mood of the record into a harder electro style. And the last two songs are really awesome. The closing track sounds like a slow epic trance number, while "Sand in my Shoes” could be heard at a big nightclub or Goa party. (Yoshitoshi)