Various Westcoast Canadian Metal Feast Volume One

The folks at Vancouver's great metal record store, Scrape Records, have put together this compilation of Western Canadian metal. As with any lengthy compilation there's going to be lots of junk to sift through, as well as the standard confusing production and genre changes. Fighting the good fight on this one are Soulscar (probably Canada's best unsigned metal band), with their Gothenburg thrash offering; the Nile-influenced death of Chaos; Devils Tower's traditional metal; Empyria's classy progressive sound; Kiloton's classic Priest-esque metal and the old school thrash of Infernal Majesty, who never seem to quit, yet never seem to be an active band either. Also of note are Devin Townsend and the legendary Thor. The inclusion of joke bands, bad demo-quality Pantera-type groove metal and lots of nasty hair rock drags things down. Glaring omissions: Myopia, Peruke and the grindcore brilliance of Vancouver's Hurt. This is a better attempt than most compilations and at half the length could have been a great listen. (Scrape)