Various Violator 2.0

The second instalment of this compilation is marginally better than the first, despite the fact that the star power wattage is a bit lower than last time. There isn't a breakout single like Q-Tip's "Vivrant Thing" present, but the ex-A Tribe Called Quest MC's long-time friend and collaborator Busta Rhymes gives us a foreshadowing of the proceedings, starting things off with "What It Is." The track only underlines how quickly tired the Neptunes' production formula is becoming and many of the other tracks follow well-trodden blueprints that incorporate hollow tracks and mediocre lyrical skills. Fans of the Goodie Mob will be pleased to hear that group standout Cee-Lo is releasing a solo album soon and "Sexual Chocolate," his freaky-deaky entry on this compilation is rightfully out of place, head and shoulders above anything else. (Loud)