Various Variable Access

Variable Access is next level electronic music, very elaborate electronic glitch, ambient and mild techno with processed instruments. All 11 tracks on Variable Access, the debut release on new label Active Suspension based out of France, are great. Apart from the odd name on this comp that dimly rings a bell, I was pleased to see a whole roster of artists I have never seen or heard of before, and what wondrous sounds they produce. Active Suspension has located several talented artists missed by other labels. Some special tunes on this comp are "Triviana, Nuire," by Dorine Muraille, featuring processed glitch noise, folk guitar and a sampled recording of what could be someone singing in Spanish. Then there is a very good drone/ambient piece entitled "Some Things To Be Aware Of When Mastering Digitally," by Domotic, which happens to be a wonderful ambient atmospheric drone piece whose synthesiser sweeps are evocative of the Spoons' "Novaheart." Apart from those subjective favourites, every track on this comp is fantastic and a must for IDM and glitch fans that crave strong musical craftsmanship. (Active Suspension)