Various Twelve Inches of Pleasure: BBE Singles Part Onev

It’s almost impossible to believe that, after all these years, pioneering UK label BBE is still barely breaking even. After all, this is the label that is responsible for some of the hottest DJ and producer-driven releases in recent history, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. On this latest compilation, BBE has reached into the vault and pulled out a few of the records that sparked its success, a collection of twelve-inch releases that helped to keep the format alive through the mid to late ’90s. Included here are some staple house tracks from the period, like Majestika’s "Mind Magic,” marked by its smooth organ chord progression and funky guitar licks, and Family of Eve’s stomping "I Wanna be Loved By You,” available here in both its dub version and as it ended up after Kenny Dope got his golden hands on it a few years after its original release. The ’70s disco-funk of Ramsay and Co’s "Love Call” also appears in two impressively different takes — the first a pumped up and extended version of the original where punchy horn blasts and a pronounced tambourine hold the rhythm; the second a muted, atmospheric Restless Souls mix served with original bass and keys arrangements. Twelve Inches of Pleasure is a welcome slice of history from a label constantly looking to make and maintain it. (BBE)