Various Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Soundtrack

This is not like the compilation and covers CDs of our parents era, where bands with bad hair manage to find bands with (somehow) even worse hair, and blatantly rip off their tunes. As those of you who are already familiar with the Tony Hawk video games know, the music isn’t slow ballads and unfortunate pop hits of the past, but these are quality tunes to keep those thumbs amped-up enough to pull off the sweetest moves on four wheels. This wicked soundtrack is made up of some of the top names in music today covering songs from ’80s punk and hardcore bands that the majority of their fans would have never heard. But don’t be disappointed when My Chemical Romance, Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday and Fall Out Boy aren’t instantly recognisable — this is officially my favourite covers CD of the year. Grab your skate shoes and your favourite deck and demand the nearest CD store to cough up the goods, because this is not something you want to miss out on. (Vagrant)