Various The Thing That Ate Floyd

Hailing this release as the "best" document of the California punk scene of the late '80s is like stating that Billy Idol is a punk superstar. Both claims have a certain truth to them, but they both over exaggerate the point, if there is one to be made at all. Sure, The Thing That Ate Floyd was a pretty good compilation showcasing a variety of California punk, circa 1988. However, its predecessor, Turn It Around, A Gilman Street Compilation, was by far a superior release, even though the likes of Crimpshrine, Isocracy, Sweet Baby, Stikky and Operation Ivy appear on both records. If Lookout Records was truly interested in re-releasing the "best" document of late '80s California punk, they should have purchased the rights to Turn It Around... and hailed the real champion of this period. With eight out of 34 tracks standing the test of time, it appears that ...Floyd is a rather unnecessary re-release. (Lookout!)