Various THC (The Hip-hop Collection) Vol. 1

Weed and hip-hop together? For some they go hand-in-hand, and many producers and MCs are known for being heavy advocates for the sticky green leaf. In fact, there's so much talent out there that have dropped numerous references to the herb that you would think High Times magazine would have no problem assembling a mind-blowing compilation for heads to get lifted to. This is definitely not the case with their first volume of THC, and considering the potential they were handed, this is quite a disappointment, which is filled with commercial beats rather than dusty jazz loops and neck-snapping drum rolls. Of course, for some the first name that comes to mind when dealing with the drug and hip-hop blend is Cypress Hill, but all we get is an incredibly weak Soul Assassins super-group. Consisting of such MCs as B-Real and Sun Doobie, "Something About Mary" is an embarrassment, seeing that Cypress Hill and Funkdoobiest were once responsible for creating some of the finest blunted tracks in ultraviolet hip-hop. Even sure-shots like Lootpack, MF Doom and Tha Pharcyde tend to fall a little short of expectations, but they definitely maintain their extreme talent status when compared to the weakness that fills most of this record. When it comes to the potential factor, THC falls well short, seeing that there is already hundreds of weed anthems already circulating the hip-hop world that step-up to the challenge of keeping baked minds hypnotised. (High Times)