Various Spiderman

I'm not very fond of the "soundtrack," due to its very nature. Soundtracks encourage an already complacent music listening public to put zero effort in the discovery of new music and the decision process of what they like and dislike. That being said, the soundtrack to Spiderman is a big summer record that goes hand in hand with the big Hollywood blockbuster. Like the film, the CD is filled to the brim with new tracks by the "best of" right now: radio hits like the bland "Hero" by Nickelback's Chad Kroeger with Josey Scott and a more worthy track, "What We're All About," by Toronto's punk fun boys Sum 41. But there are some notable tracks by relative unknowns, such as "Shelter" by Missouri's Greenwheel (watch for their full-length debut, Soma Holiday, being released this month) and "I-IV-V," off of Injected's debut disc. But in the end, it is the anti-mainstream version of the theme song by the Ramones that gives this disc its life (too bad they buried it at the end). God love the Ramones. (Sony)