Various Souvenirs from Egg Records

After apparently calling it a day in 1991, Glasgow’s Egg Records decided to return and open up their vaults. Initially, the plan was just to reissue the label’s vinyl releases onto CD, but it changed somewhere along the way to include other bands from the era that they liked. After going through some old boxes of forgotten vinyl, a bunch of Australian bands were added to the list and a couple of Canadian bands (Tugboat and Change of Seasons) were picked out too, and the next few years for the Scottish label were mapped out. Souvenirs from Egg Records couldn’t really be described as an essential compilation, but what it does extremely well is laying out what is already out there and what lies ahead for the label, and that is not a bad thing. Naturally, Scottish bands are well represented, including the noise-fixated the Prayers and the psychedelically-tinged the Bachelor Pad, but even those versed in the C86 days will find some surprises. And it is always nice to rediscover Wedding Present soundalikes This Poison and the folk rock of the Lighthouse Keepers. It might function well as a sampler, but what is a lot more interesting is what is waiting in the wings — a compilation of early singles by Sarah band Even As We Speak and collections by both the Bachelor Pad and Remember Fun, making Egg Records a label to look out for. (Egg)