Various Sonic Mook Experiment

Sonic Mook Experiment, a British DJ collective started by promoter Sean McLusky, has released an essential compilation of the most exhilarating "electronic action and future rock'n'roll." Comprised of acts like Primal Scream, Playgroup, Death In Vegas, Clinic and A.R.E. Weapons, Sonic Mook Experiment hits you in the face, looking for blood, with an abrasive approach to getting you on the dance floor. The styles range from strange electro, Fat Truckers and Add N To (X), and sample-heavy weirdness (Pulp's remix of Death In Vegas and the Toes) to obscure collaborations (Stereolab vs. Hairy Butter and Squarepusher vs. Richard Thomas) and pioneers of the trade (A Guy Called Gerald and Leftfield). Highlights include David Holmes' remix of Primal Scream's "Swastika Eyes," Electrelane's "Film Music," wildly remixed by Jagz Kooner, and Meat Katie's electro thumper "Bring Yourself." Though the songs on here are all equally invigorating, the best part of this comp is that the songs are not mixed together. Each song stands out as its own without suffering from forceful blending into another song, which makes it perfect for absorbing each track. If that's not convincing enough, Suicide closes out the record with their classic "Dream Baby Dream." How often do you see something like that on a dance comp? (Hub100)