Various Slow Mo' Two

In a musical landscape practically defined by compilations, very few collections truly make the grade. Slow Mo' Two provides the goods from start to finish, containing 14 mid- and downtempo tracks. The Thievery Corp. boys represent mightily, with a dubbed out, jazzy remix of Urb's & Chaoz' "Closer to God"; a super rare, trademark sound remix of "SexElevatorMusic" originally by Avators of Dub; and a remix exclusive to this comp of their own "Honeymoon Suite." The crew at Stereo Deluxe are obviously fans of the rich funk-dub sound as they've also included two works related to the Uptight People, a legendary collaboration between Richard Dorfmeister and the main headz behind Vienna's Uptight label. First the foursome clock in with a true example of studio generated warmth and genius, the slinky "Get Uptight Man," resplendent with its crisp, catchy production and rich, funky bass. They also provide a stellar, exclusive remix of Waldeck's "Slaapwagen," which grooves along mightily. Deadbeats make it funky for us with "Funky 4 U," a killer head-nodding number with a catchy bass hook, smart strings and solid vocal samples. Patrice contributes an instrumental version of the beautiful, shuffling, roots inspired and acoustic guitar driven "Love." Stereo Deluxe's own Moodorama also come through on the celestial side with the spaced out flute, tabla and bass glides of "Jazz Tip." With no shortage of talented producers — Baby Mammoth, Jazzanova brethren Extended Spirit, and Sundance amongst them — Slow Mo' Two doesn't take a single false step. (Stereo Deluxe)