Various Skarmageddon #4: Armageddon Time!

A double-CD comp of North American ska bands great and obscure, talented and crappy, dub and fast-as-shit. The point, according to the liner notes, is to put all the bands sending in demos and opening up for the Toasters on one big album, because Moon Ska couldn't sign them all. Nice idea, but there's a reason a lot of these bands aren't on a label — namely, because a lot of them suck. Too many SoCal knock-offs and half-assed college bands making punk with horns. On the other hand, there are a few choice tracks, including two superb pieces at the end of the second CD. Victor Rice's "NST" and Abdul Baki's "Kongo Drum Dub" make the sometimes tedious listening worthwhile. Pretty much a hit and miss, but shouldn't be tossed away outright. A better idea would have been to make one quality compilation than a double mediocre one. (Moon Ska)