Various Run the Road 2

Last year’s Run the Road compilation was a comprehensive, telling example of the UK’s dynamic and innovative grime scene that flawlessly displayed the leading (Dizzee Rascal, Roll Deep, the Streets) and the emerging talent (Lady Sovereign, Kano, Shystie). Judging by the sounds that leak out of its sequel, grime is still alive and evolving with a rapturous pulse. Though the names aren’t as prominent as the first edition, RTR 2 works more like an expansion draft: new team with some familiar faces to those in the know, but most hopes resting on the performance of the new breed. The initiating boom of Low Deep’s rousing "Get Set” gets the show going at a pulsating speed, which is then maintained by Doctor & Davinche’s near dancehall groove of "Gotta Man?” Additionally, Big Seac doesn’t slow down, but adds more of an aggressive spin with his chanting chorus in "Nah, Nah.” Unsurprisingly though, it’s the work of current grime champ Kano and the next big thing Sway who provide RTR 2’s best cuts. With Demon and Ghetto by his side, the former beefs and speeds up the intense "Mic Check” from his Home Sweet Home album, thanks to a skittering beat and his capable guests; the latter also delivers a finer remix of his ace anthemic debut single. Despite a poor decision by Plan B to attempt some "unplugged grime” with his acoustic rendition of "Sick 2 Def,” RTR 2 is a commendable follow-up to its momentous predecessor that does a successful job of introducing the scene’s rising stars. (Vice)