Various Ramones Forever: An International Tribute

Although it would be kind of difficult to screw up a tribute to the Ramones, you'd think it would be equally as tough to come up with something other than having the usual suspects play those old classics exactly as originally recorded. This CD definitely achieves the former in an interesting way. Even though it's billed as "International," 13 of the 23 bands on here are from Belgium, and a good chunk of this doesn't even sound remotely like the Ramones. There's a hefty bunch of electro-pop on here that may have many punkers lunging at their stereos, at least until it grows on them and they wind up dancing around instead. There are, of course, the straight-up songs and a few ska numbers as well. The Dirty Scums' "Ramones Medley" crams a whole lot of Ramones into just under four minutes. The Marky Ramone Group also shows up, turning in a version of "I Don't Want to Grow Up." However, Belgian outfit Daan's torchy, Nick Cave-esque version of "Somebody Put Something In My Drink" is one of the many high points on this disc. (Radical)