Various Paws Across America Tour 2002

Proving that it is one of the most diverse and exciting labels running, Kid 606's Tigerbeat6 organised one crazy line-up for last year's Paws Across America Tour. Featuring everything from pervy hip-hop (Cex) and danceable post-punk (Numbers) to lawsuit-seeking bootlegs (Original Hamster) and just plain chaos (Knifehandchop), it's safe to say that it never gets tiresome in this camp. Highlights include the Biggie-stealing cheekiness of Original Hamster, the beat-friendly ambience of Stars As Eyes and the playful energy of Numbers. However, as headliner, Cex seems to deservedly hog the spotlight with his increasing skill of grabbing the mic. Bring on the 2003 tour. (Tigerbeat6)