Various The Now Sound of Brazil

This is another top choice recombination of the sound of nu Brazil as captured by Zirguiboom/Six Degrees. Most tracks are agreeable Braziltronica with few standouts, but uniformly good quality. There are another couple of remixes to wring the last drops of juice of Suba's sole album and studio ephemera, once again raising the question of what might have been had he survived. Otherwise, Bossacucanova and Zuco 103 are quite engaging (when will they release a live album?) and new prospects Cibelle and Daniel Fonseca debut tentatively with well-produced but indistinct tracks. If you're a fan of the Kruder/Dorfmeister sound, you'll get into this - it's not about the artists, but about the mix. There are much more provocative Brazilian electro artists such as Arto Lindsay and DJ Dolores, but this collection still has a great deal of the melodic and rhythmic smoothness that has made Brazil so irresistible in the first place. (Six Degrees)