Various Nothing Left To Lose: A Tribute to Kris Kristofferson

Brilliant, underrated songwriter Kris Kristofferson is due the hipster respect that Johnny Cash gets, and surprisingly, this tribute is an excellent start. It manages to pull off what most don't - it actually makes you rethink and re-evaluate the material at hand. Handsome Family starts strong with a sodden, heartsick take on "Sunday Morning Coming Down," but Diana Darby's whispery "Jesus Was A Capricorn" is the real revelation. Zmrzlina (with Milkchopper) slice off the strangest piece of take-the-cake with a trip-hop take on "Me & Bobby McGee." The rest of the gathered - Califone, Calexico, Court & Spark, Radar Brothers, Granfaloon Bus, Richard Buckner, Howe Gelb, Grandaddy - take reverential but inspired stabs at more Kristofferson favourites, and there are enough classics in his songbook to fill a box set. The mood is mellow for the most part, but not subdued - this album is suffused with feelings of despair and drunken desolation. This beautiful tribute is the door to a lifelong affair with one of country's great heroes. (Incidental)