Various Nocturnal Wonderland

This CD is wigged, even though it's kind of mainstream, so props to the Moonshine Label and Dave Aude, who's the spinner of this set. In L.A. there's a collective that's been throwing mega parties for half-a-decade, and Nocturnal Wonderland is the collective trying to represent the scene. Shout-outs go to Stylus Trouble, who cut "Sputnik One," because it's the shit; serious boogie in an old school kind of way, like the word "boogie" itself. Also, Tall Paul's "It's Alright" is the bomb. Only thing though, the beats could be a little harder and faster, because when you're cruising on serious adrenaline you want to flip out. Still, I must admit that the tracks have different styles to showcase what the DJs spin on the Nocturnal Wonderland night tip. So to the L.A. crew, if your mainstream sounds this good, I can't wait to hear your underground tracks. (Moonshine)