Various New Latinaires 3

The New Latinaires series is the best thing Ubiquity records is putting out right now; New Latinaires 3 is another great addition. It's a very enjoyable listening experience in every way. The fast, polyrhythmic tunes are surprisingly and compellingly varied, suitable for full-on dancing or background music. All the best elements of Batucada, samba, Afro-Cuban and salsa are successfully fused and augmented by top-notch electronic programming. There isn't a single duff track on the CD! Dave Pike's 6/8 time "Bronx Blue" offers masterfully played and intriguingly processed percussion weaving into sampled vocals in a hypnotic fashion. The remix of Snowboy's "Oya Ye Ye," by United Future Organization, combines Snowboy's talent for horn arrangement's with an insistent sampled bongo figure. Each song provokes similar rapture. Everyone who has an appreciation for the trance-like rhythmic tension that electronic music can induce should listen to this for maximum stimulation. (Ubiquity)