Various Mundial Muzique V2

This is the kind of collection that keeps the folks at Guidance Records busy: think of a title, or a theme, license the tracks and put it out there in an attractive package. Wait, that's the kind of comp that keeps everyone busy, especially the hardworking folks at Fusion III, which makes so many of these compilations available in Canada. Guidance has put out a phenomenal amount of stuff in the last five years - from house to world to dub-infused music, and Mundial Musique's second instalment features more beats, but with other ingredients. The best tracks are the better-known Nuspirit Helsinki's "Makoomba," which utilises all the percussion sounds their samplers could muster, Buscemi's still hard-hitting remix of Suba's "Felicidade" and Butti 49's "Samba Olympo." All three tracks have personalities above and beyond the typical synthed-out fretless bass with mondo percussion workouts that characterise so much "global groove." These are pretty lounge-y grooves on the whole and could certainly pace a nice evening of cocktails. Not the most inspired or challenging collection, but as with any half-decent collection, there are many jumping off points for further explorations. (Guidance)