Various Metatronix Presents Plug Tunes

Plug Tunes is a good compilation of experimental dub and spaced-out down-tempo grooves. It is a compilation of original tracks by various artists and remixes of various tracks by Supersoul. Things begin well with Supersoul's "Almighty Dub," featuring the wordless singing of Juliet. Among the other dub tracks are Calamaika's "Ten-9 Volts" and Eternal Golden Void's "Witch Finder," both of which feature deep, throbbing bass. Stratagy's "Splinters In The Mind's Eye" is one of the best on the disc. Scratchy down-tempo beats start things off. A little later strings and pianos are added to make a great, tuneful track. The remixes are where the more experimental sounds come in. Jake Mandell's version of "Die Kleine Hexe" has a fuzzy wash placed over top of it. Fat Jon takes "Sound Clash" and turns it into a delicate vocal-less pop song. DJ Vadim tops them all with a strange, minimal hip-hop version of "Sleepwalker," complete with odd scratches and clicks, and film samples that weirdly fall into place. (Metatronix)