Various Leave Them All Behind

As indie rock/pop continues to populate dance floors all over the world, a number of indie-centric remix and mix albums have been released looking to cash in on the craze. But like in electronica, not every compilation is pulled off successfully, making it a real chore for fans to uncover the few of quality amongst all of the clueless, inadequate ones. The folks at Modular — a hip, taste-making label on the rise out of Australia — do know what they’re doing, as this great two-disc compilation proves. The first disc is an 18-song mix that begins wisely with Phones’ tight, electro remix of the Rakes’ "Retreat,” followed by Modular’s own synth pop wonders Cut Copy. From there Death From Above 1979, the Long Blondes, Bloc Party, Fiery Furnaces, Tom Vek, the Knife, and both the Kills and the Killers are all thrown in, but it’s the precision in matching beats and finding the right neighbours for each song that makes the Modular crew so damn good. Even nicer though is the second, 14-track unmixed disc as a nice addition for those who like to keep their songs separate and mix at their own discretion. Including some cuts from the first disc, some new ones by Soulwax, Sons & Daughters and Chromeo are also added to give even some more variety to the listener. Though it may not have enough obscurities for some know-it-alls, Leave Them All Behind is a first-rate collection of 2005’s finest moments that should excite any indie club goer. (V2)